5 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Selecting SEO Keywords

Conducting online business is a tough task these days as innumerable websites have mushroomed on the internet. Therefore, one of the human tendencies is of getting attracted to any item that is unique and beautiful, is targeted in the business world. The ultimate aim of this exercise is to create and retain a customer base as they determine the profitability of a commercial organization. Therefore, a well-designed and attractive website with great content stuff with the good SEO keywords is a need of the hour for every successful organization as it can be easily be recognized and act as a magnet for customers, at one go.

To achieve the goals of attaining maximum profitability, companies prefer to advertise through electronic media as they believe it is a faster and popular means of advertising. However, this advertising is not only costly but all the relevant information cannot be conveyed to the targeted audience. Hence, through a properly maintained website, it can target relevant customers. A website is also an important tool in this age of social media where speedy success often depends on bulk references and contacts.

SEO keywords

Importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO search:-

Here, the science of SEO search proves immensely valuable. Its professionals can help as they are well versed with it and can deploy magical words to play and let grow the business. Their services may seem expensive but pay in the long run. Even some of the Google applications acknowledges this fact and proves helpful in conducting SEO searches, known as Search Engine Optimization technique. Whenever certain words are entered in any search engine, the entire related websites are shown. New customers can storm to your portal or website depending on how engaging your content is and the proper use of SEO Keywords.

The scope of Search Engine Optimization or SEO search:

Research says, 75% of persons between 13-26 age groups use various social media platforms like Facebook, Myntra, ETSY, Awww, IPSY, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Pepperfry, Instagram, etc. These platforms have average traffic flow between 3 million to 2.5 billion, depending on their purpose and popularity. The conversion of this traffic into customers should be the target of every intended successful organization because their profitability will jump even if they are able to convert a fraction of this traffic into customers.

However, to avail of this advantage, the website should be SEO compliant. As against a common myth, the website should be written in simple, understandable, attractive but common words with SEO keywords. Hence, certain precautions should be taken in words selection for websites.

5 common mistakes to be avoided while selecting SEO keywords:

  1. Wrong SEO  keyword choice –

    Simple, understandable, attractive but common words should always be used in the SEO Keyword so that searching customers can get sucked to your website and turn into prospective buyers of your products/services. In other words, those words should be used, which the prospective customers most probably use to describe your product. Remember, the ranking of your website on a search engine or its popularity is determined by the number of visitors it gets. This is better known as, optimization of  SEO keywords. Software like Google Adwords, Google Trends, keyword planner, SEMrush, etc. will be helpful in doing the task.

  2. Stuffing keywords –

    Sometimes, in an effort to boost website rankings, the content writer tends to frequently use a particularly powerful but difficult SEO  keyword but this approach is based on a misconception and may backfire. This happens because search engines tend to recognize the overuse of SEO  keywords as spam and therefore affects SEO search adversely. Thus, content for a website or a blog should be written in a natural, effortless but attractive way where SEO keywords should be used infrequently but intelligently. Search engines like Google, have tools that can recognize overuse of keywords or stuffing. Hence, it is advisable that in an effort to gain instant fame and success, the content writer should avoid using such tricks and such silliness might defeat the ultimate goal of achieving profitability through economical advertising in the long run.

  3. Irrelevant use of keywords-

    It may sometimes happen that SEO keyword may not be in line with the text of the website or the blog. Therefore, the search engines might just ignore them while the searches are being performed by intended customers. This usually happens because powerful search engines target users who search for a particular product, service or topic. If the keywords used does not describe the particular product, service or topic being searched by intended customers, then the search engines will not pick and open your website or blog. In simpler words, the keywords should not be used unnecessarily to demonstrate the creativity of the writer but it should be used according to the probability of its use in entering keywords in the search engines while searches are performed.

  4. Publication of copied or non-original content-

    In this vast virtual world, you might be tempted to just copy and paste the required content easily. This is known as plagiarism and it is an unwelcome practice. It is also considered dangerous as it can find you guilty of violating the copyright act.

  5. Avoiding giving Meta description and title tags-

    The Meta descriptions and title tags are given to content are important as various search engines send crawlers to your website or blog depending on their use. Adding some appealing images will be an add-on as it might tempt a surfer or intended customer to visit your site, in pursuit of his or her goal.

Therefore, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that should be used judiciously. If applied, it can magically shoot up the profitability of a business and may also silently avoid competition to some extent by targeting the right customer but behind a closed door. Thus, a qualitative content writing based on principles of SEO search may look expensive initially but it is quite beneficial in the long run particularly to those who want their businesses in a just, lawful but speedy way. All these benefits make SEO search a worthy investing investment. Through this, a rightful customer can connect with a budding Enterprise.

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