Will AI and Machine Learning change SEO as we know in 2021?

Will AI and Machine Learning change SEO as we know in 2021?

Recently I received an email, which talked about the influence of Artificial Intelligence in writing and how it will impact us, the author made some observations on how there’s a difference in the way humans write vis-vis machines, I agreed in the silence. However, it was only, in the end, the article revealed that even that article is a work of the famous AI engine recently made famous by Elon Musk, the star poster boy of the startup world.

It is getting competitive for sure, there are Artificial Intelligence led tools that cannot just write but imitate human writing to an extent previously thought impossible.

Does the question then come to AI and machine learning taking over the SEO world?

To reach an answer, we need to understand the components of Machine Learning.

  1. Supervised Learning.
    The goal is to label inputs to their desired outputs and learn using defined algorithms. Classification of data and images basis rules and creating scorecards are examples of supervised learning.
  2. Unsupervised Learning.
    The goal here is to leave the machine on its own to find logic and structure in the data. Face recognition, finding hidden patterns are examples of unsupervised learning.
  3. Reinforcement Learning.
    The goal here to improve real-time decision-making by learning from mistakes and actions in a dynamic environment. Self-driven cars, games against real or machine opponents are examples of reinforced learning.

For unsupervised and reinforcement learning, we must provide the system with an enormous amount of data which might seldom not be the case with small businesses.

The first step for small and medium businesses will be to create a base strategy which needs personal involvement of the stakeholders and a digital marketing services company in India. However, when it comes to fighting the large businesses that use the power of AI and machine learning, including unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning, it will gradually become impossible to compete for, let’s say the same set of keywords.

The strategy then has to be of finding a niche that we can serve with confidence and ensure we follow the rules of supervised learning to enable the transition to unsupervised and reinforcement learning when the time comes.

Here are some areas in SEO which will not be impacted by AI and Machine Learning:

  1. Identifying the right target to start.
    Starting a business will always remain a human endeavor, unlike what Hollywood might suggest, machines won’t become entrepreneurs.
  1. Craft a niche audience.

For a young business in the early years, there are multiple projects and plans that converse, and creating a niche audience depends on the success and failure of these mini-projects. While we will take the help of discovery tools to find things like the right keyword, it will be a human decision to pick and choose.

  1. Conversations with customers.
    For small businesses, customer interaction should be human as much as possible to get real insights and pivot moments.
  2. Apply learnings in small business.
    Basis the insights from customer interactions, a small business should make necessary changes.

Here are some areas in SEO which will see a massive impact from AI and Machine Learning.

  1. Dynamic Landing Pages.
    The ability to create automated landing pages basis the search volume is something humans won’t be able to match. The providers of the best SEO service in India will switch to AI.
  2. Machine Driven AB Tests.
    Machine Learning can create infinite AB tests and compute results in time which is beyond our current imaginations. The best digital marketing service companies in India will use AI to nail it.
  3. SEO for Large Businesses.
    SEO for large businesses with an enormous amount of data will go under the sea, change in terms of speed and execution. The providers of SEO services in India need to gear up today.
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