How to write perfect product descriptions for your e-commerce


In the 21-century, online shopping is on hype because buying products online is easier for a customer as it enables the purchaser to do the needful shopping by staying at one place with a single click on a keyboard. Online dealing not only facilitates the customer ease but it also provides financial gains to the online business community. So, everyone in this world that starts their e-commerce and promote it on social media or beneficial websites with the best product description.

Easy Rules to Write Product Description:

Suppose you are a seller and at the very final step to convince the buyer to click the “add to cart ” button.

How? Now you must be thinking about it?

The answer to it lies in describing the product effectively that means the product description is one of the most important aspects of the online shop when it comes to true conversion.

It holds immense power to convince the customer but it is hard to write a good product description for e-commerce.

It can be mind-numbing if an online business person has a long list of products or services on the product page to work on and to window-shop the product on the website consumer’s need, so how can we write the perfect product description for our e-commerce websites. Let us understand some tips around it is broken down into few easy to understand steps regarding product description writing:



As a seller, you should know who your target audience is, it is the first step in writing a good product description. You would be able to define the features interests most to the potential buyers on your website. This starts with understanding your buyer’s personal needs or the characteristics of your prospective customers.

SEO salt lady lamp example is the best example for the buyer’s persona just any person who is shopping for the lamp. You can look below:

Customer’s Persona is just not any person who is shopping for a lamp. Instead, the purchaser persona is in favor of or have an interest in all natural drugs for the home, especially when it comes to allergies. At that time why a potential customer would likely be interested in learning about these natural drugs in the product description. The buyer will not focus on the decorative and other features of lamps. Salt lady pays value to the features that would appeal her customer persona the most. Here we come to the next tip of writing product descriptions for e-commerce.

  • Focus or highlight product benefits and gains. As a business owner of your e-commerce, you must be understandably excited to share all the qualities of your items or products. It is understandable that as a business person you must want to show that your product has the best features and the unique specifications. The customer or a purchaser, however, is necessarily not in favor of the modern features of the product and mundane characteristics of the items. They are more interested to know how it can benefit them. An item’s characteristics is a factual statement about the product that provides technical product information. Item benefits, on the other hand, indicates how the product can improve the lives of its consumers. We should take a closer look at the product description of the unique item, from the above we can only see the key characteristics of the product along with its benefit. In the product description, the product features consist of a 100% pure Himalayan salt, a weight of 4 to 6 lbs, and an on/off cordage & light bulb set.
  • The product benefits include loss of EMF impurity, refined air which may, of course, reduce symptoms of allergy, asthma, and headaches. Before you start writing your product descriptions, for your e-commerce, make an outline or list of the features and benefits of items and think about how the product on your page will increase pleasure and reduce the pain. In short, just think about your buyer’s benefit while planning your business or writing product descriptions.
    Another main tip to improve the product description for your e-commerce is “tell the full story”. A perfect product description should give all the relevant information and details, persuade the customer of its benefits and pack an emotional punch. Emotions influences buyers’ behavior so your product explanation is the perfect place where anyone can express their emotions and touch the buyer’s heart.
  • How to add emotion element to your product description? Sivana spirit does an excellent job in their product description for the Natural Amethyst Ring. The product description consists of features, sure, but it falls directly into the story of the key feature: the amethyst. It does by pointing on the spiritual and traditional benefits and gains of amethyst. It also points out the ways in which it can be used and make it easy for the consumer to imagine having this ring them.

By these kinds of product description business owners can easily tell the full story to their customers which may also touch their heart emotionally. And emotional people definitely buy the product they are searching for.

Therefore, just as packing is the face of the product, its description is the body. And if the body is fit, attractive and appealing that can drive a consumer to develop interest and drive toward the product. Product descriptions should be true, correct, accurate and also warn its potential buyers of all aspects of the product. It should not be a bait to pull customer but genuinely make the customer’s informed. Product descriptions should be well thought write-ups and not confuse your reader or consumer. Also if there is any feedback, comments on your product page, it should be timely and effectively addressed by the business as the potential customer looks for product review and any action taken by businesses for handle customer grievances.  

Last but not least we can conclude that numerous people getting themselves employed by the online businesses and achieving their economic goals and these perfect product descriptions are playing a vital role in their e-commerce success. And people largely using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for scaling their business effectively.

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