Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella term consisting of SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, and GDN (Google Display Network).
Since, more than 95% of searches are happening on google and more than 250 million websites are on the internet, to make sure that your website stand apart among them, SEO of the website can’t be taken lightly. With the help of Search Engine Marketing, you can make sure that your website shows up each time a person enters a keyword relevant to your products/services. SEO helps your website to rank higher organically on search engines at lower cost as compared to PPC and Adwords, give you more visibility, and the list goes on. Our organic seo services are tailored specially as per your business needs and we come up with a SEO package that is a perfect fit for your pocket.


Analytics tool by Google becomes more powerful each day, giving you insights into your website’s performance. More detailed it gets, more complicated it becomes. As data from Analytics is central to any website’s marketing and upgrade strategy, we analyze tons of data to make sense of it all.
Our professional Analytics Managers assist businesses in understanding why their website is not selling, how it can sell more, how to retain customers on the site and convert lookers into buyers.


Business Intelligence helps us perform better by helping us create effective strategies for the company. Branding has become all the more important. Every company is unique and their strategies need to be to be as unique to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

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