Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales

Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales

Email marketing is a fundamental part of communication for most businesses. It is most crucial for B2B marketers because it is a direct means of communication to reach and engage with prospective leads. Customized high-quality content reaches straight into the lead’s inbox and that email database-reach helps build credibility and personalization for your business.

As per research, 40% B2B marketers believe email newsletters are pivotal to their content marketing success. We can thus see how imperative email marketing is for B2B. Also, 73% millennials preferred communications from businesses to come via emails.

Here are some ways we recommend to use Email Marketing for building sales and business.

1. Put Yourself in User’s Shoes

Before drafting the perfect email for your leads, ask yourself the following questions – “What is my offer?”, “Who will benefit from my offer?”, “How will they benefit from it?”, and “How am I offering something more unique than my competition?” This will help craft a B2B marketing identity for yourself. Multiple decision-makers are involved on the lead’s side and their entire team is responsible for making purchase decisions. So, you will need to tailor your email messages according to the interests and behavior of your prospects, to increase the potential of engagement.

 2. Craft the Subject Line with Finesse

You need a solid attention grabber to catch the attention of your B2B lead among the daily inbox clutter. Use merge tags in subject lines to personalize – For example, “Hey [FirstName]”, is [CompanyName] losing customers?” Or use CTR tricks like using an emoji in the subject line. Or use urgency phrases – like “Hurry Up” or “Only few spots left”, as urgency makes human brain act very quickly. This will increase the probability that your B2B lead will get interested to read further about what you want to convey. Lastly, don’t give it away in the subject line! Keep the curiosity alive so that they click through to read more.

3. Keep the Email Message Engaging, but Succinct

Just a clever subject line is not enough, there’s much more to this picture. Next, this should be followed with high-quality, engaging, and crisp content, fully completed with a call-to-action button or link to make your leads reach the expected destination. The email message should have an inspirational drafting, which is loaded with useful details such as current news, tips, case studies or testimonials, latest product information and so on. Use images and banners with you company logo clearly visible so that your audience recognizes you. Here, the main goal is to become a trusted and authoritative source of information for your industry, so that you can leverage that reputation to pitch in your own products or service.

4. Use Automation Tools

B2B marketers who utilize automation tools for email marketing have seen a proven increase in their lead generation and sales pipeline. These tools come in handy if you want to save on time, while delivering a professional look to your email. Many such tools are available in the market. Hub Spot is one such tool you can use to create and optimize beautiful marketing emails without waiting for designers or IT.  Bannersnack is another good example of email automation tool that will help you create great looking email banners, which will ultimately increase user engagement and CTRs.

5. Integrate Your Emails with Social Media

Social media marketing and email marketing together make a very powerful combination. Most of your leads won’t rely on just a single source of information to believe what you are saying. To earn their trust and turn them into prospective buyers, you can present them with a combination of resources by optimizing your social media – such as reviews, blogs, social media, influencers, etc. This will help establish multiple connection points for your subscriber list, thus enabling a personal connect with your brand and build stronger relationships.

Remember, increasing your B2B sales funnel is not too difficult. You only need to understand your buyers & target audience thoroughly and fulfill their business needs. Also, don’t be too afraid to do a little experimenting with your emails marketing efforts. Try A/B testing with your email content, subject lines, body text, email layouts, call to action, etc. then you can soon figure out the best combination of tactics that work.

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