What is a Great Product?

What is a Great Product?

A great product is intuitive, easy to use, gets the job done and gives satisfaction. Great products uplift the brand and redefine the market. Some common examples are Walkman, iPhone and Xerox.

Today, we will talk about how such great products get created in the first place and what makes them great. A great product defines the journey of its brand and paints its days with golden hues. Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Tesla have a common thread, products which surpass expectations.

Let us dig deeper into how they made the impossible possible and why their products made history.

Qualities of a Great Product

Every web development company in India needs to ensure that it keeps these things in mind before creating their next product!

  1. Problem solving

Great products solve real problems, makes tasks easy and provides a better experience for which customers are always willing to pay. People want to add value in their life and enhance the experience. After all we pay more price for a well-designed cake than all the ingredients it is made of, as it is an experience.

For instance, Ola and Uber are fulfilling needs for travelling from one place to another, adding value to lives. A product should either fulfil an existing need in society or create an artificial necessity and deliver that.

  1. Easy to use

A great product not only makes your life easier, but it is also easy to use. Experts opine that the greatness of a product lies in its simplicity. The more features you add in a product, the more ineffective it becomes. For instance, think about the functions of a smart TV and those you use. Adding advanced technology is always great. However, people need a volume control and channel control as base features, making it complicated will never help.

  1. Durability

Yet another quality of a great product is its durability, they last long. Great products come with uncompromised quality. How often have we heard praise for a particular brand of classic bike that lasts for generations?

Royal Enfield famously has the tag line Built like a Gun for its bullet range of bikes. They remain a favourite amongst all generations. Apart from a simplistic design, the built quality makes the great products stand out.

  1. Aesthetic

A mouse was a mouse, a computer remained so, till Steve Jobs famously made a dent in the universe. Aesthetics is an element that makes Apple products stand out. Mouse without clingy wheels and buttons, the laptop made of a single metal sheet made them stand out in the crowd.

Aesthetics also stands for a minimal interface that lets users discover the product without any training. A digital marketing services company India can work on the marketing of an aesthetically designed product even more beautifully.

  1. Expression of user

Last but not least, a great product is the one that becomes the expression of its user. In this modern world, consumers buy products and services that resonate with them. A great product becomes the status symbol of a user.

If a user tours a resort and does not tag the property in their social media post, the resort fails as a great product. A great product is a word-of-mouth publicity in itself. Air pods are a classic example which not just become the expression but also a great advertisement.

The journey of a product from being ordinary to extraordinary depends on a lot of factors. To create a great product, one must experience the need first. And instead of copying the characteristics of an already reputed product, one should follow its intrinsic qualities. Once the brand has incorporated the right features, it can start working on its marketing.