Latest Website Development Trends for 2018

Are you planning to get a new website developed for your business? Well in case you want to get a perfect website for your business, you must surely incorporate some of the latest web development trends of 2018.  However, website development is an extremely dynamic field that has to adapt to customer preferences. What may be a trend today may turn into an unnecessary burden tomorrow! Hence it is always necessary to keep on incorporating the latest website development trends. However, with scores of options available, choosing the best trends for websites may prove to be a hard nut to crack. But worry not, for we have handpicked some of the most sought after website  development trends. You can make your website extremely responsive and productive. Let’s skim through some of the most notable web development trends of 2018!

Web Development Trends:

Customer support automation

Customer satisfaction is of the central importance in today’s consumer-centric industry. It has become too important for businesses to be adequately responsive. Hence, the intensive use of customer support automation has emerged as an important website development trend. To be frank, the entire e-commerce industry has become a ruthless race of extremely competitive people. You miss a customer and your competitor shall grab them with both hands! In such a scenario, one needs to be as responsive as possible. The chatbots can be a lifesaver in such a situation. As  we all know, it’s practically impossible to be present on the desktop all around the clock to answer the queries of the customers. However, these chatbots can give documented answers to multiple customers around the clock. The utility of customer support automation plugins has placed them in the league of latest website development trends.

Web development trends

 Focus on Mobile Web Development

A huge chunk of internet users uses their smartphones for browsing. However, a lot of websites never fail to disappoint mobile users as they are primarily designed for desktops! However, with the exponential growth in the number of mobile phone users,  the entire focus has shifted to mobile web development. One must realise the fact that any hassle in the functioning of the website on mobile may be detrimental for the business because as much as . This is the reason why most of the developers are focusing on designing mobile-friendly websites. As you must have noticed, the users tend to Develop websites that are easily navigable with one hand is one of the latest website development trends. It is in the best interests of the business to have an easily navigable website for reasons more than one.

Photo Content

A picture is worth a thousand words and the same holds true for websites as well. The latest website development trends certainly have a substantial scope for pictures. Thought provoking pictures can act as a catalyst for launching discussions about several topics. Moreover, the viewers prefer to watch real-time pictures of the products in comparison to texts. As a result, usage of photo content has emerged as one of the notable website development trends of 2018. You can use photo content to make the website all more interactive. By uploading photos of your products on the website, you can support the claims that you make about your products to convince the customers. However, you must see to it that you don’t overload your website with pictures lest you want to slow down the website! Usage of clip-arts and GIF’s have also become a lot more prevalent these days.

Material Design

Google’s material design has emerged as one of the most popular web development trends of 2018. The design aims to amalgamate motion and visual material to give your website a more lively look. The material design aims at gearing up the customer interaction through its interactive layouts. It enables you to use 3D images to modify the appearance of the website. Moreover, every element of the material design is quite responsive, enabling a much better user experience. Also, the material design helps the users to customize the website’s color and layout as per their preferences. The cherry on the top is the fact that it is compatible with all kinds of browsers. These exotic features make it one of the most sought after web development trends.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a great asset in attracting website traffic. If used judicially, the push notifications can create brand awareness and increase the prospects of your business. Push notifications have emerged as a major web development trend.  You can use these notifications to keep your customers informed about the upcoming products, discounts and offers. The fact that push notifications can be a viable asset in social media marketing adds to its importance. The multi-facet advantages of push notifications have placed it in a league of web development trends of 2018.   However, you must make sure that your website doesn’t overload the users with notifications.


The importance of blockchains can’t be brushed aside anymore. The blockchain technology has swiftly made its way into a large chunk of an e-commerce website. Gone are the days when the developers were skeptical about the feasibility of the blockchain technology.  Thanks to the widespread usage across the globe which has paved the way for blockchains to emerge as a website development trend. In case you need a website for your e-commerce business, you must seriously consider using blockchain technology for payments and other sensitive data. The greatest advantage of blockchain technology is that it doesn’t work on a centralised system of storing data which makes it extremely safe.  Instead of storing the entire data in one place, the data is stored in several blocks which makes it impossible to hack the data! You must consider using the most popular web development trend of 2018 to secure your data.

Cyber Security

With the increasing incidents of cyber attacks all across the world, the market of the cyber security industry is set to gain momentum. Protecting data leakages and securing transactions are among the greatest concerns of the e-commerce industry. In a scenario where almost 22% of the websites have come under cyber attack, a proficient cyber security mechanism has become a need of the hour. No doubt cyber security has emerged as one of the most notable web development trends of 2018. Moreover, in years to come, cyber security will become a focal point of the web development industry.

Implementation of these latest website development trends will certainly ensure smooth functioning of your website. The usages of photo contents coupled with material design features can be extremely beneficial for your business. Moreover, a full-fledged use of AI and customer support automation shall increase the conversion rates as well. On the other hand, the latest web development trends such as blockchain can be of immense help in keeping your business immune to attacks! Incorporate these latest web development trends of 2018 to give your business and make your website better than ever!

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