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Why Your Business need a Mobile-Friendly Website

A recent study by suggests that mobile phones accounted for as much as 54% of the web page views! The huge growth in mobile phone users across the globe has changed the entire focus on mobile website development. However, most of the e-commerce businesses don’t have the mobile-friendly website as they have failed to acknowledge the ongoing change. The fact that a huge chunk of users uses mobile phones to search and read the content online makes mobile-friendly websites a need of the hour! Let’s examine how mobile web development can be beneficial to your business.

Mobile Friendly Websites

What does a mobile-friendly website mean? A site that can be run on the mobile phones? NO. Actually, a mobile-friendly website entails a lot more than mere compatibility of websites with the mobile phone. In true sense, a mobile-friendly website is one which has been specifically designed for the mobile screens. A mobile-friendly website ensures easy navigation of the website on the mobile phones. In order to tap in the huge chunk of mobile users a lot of business owners have started using mobile-friendly websites for their business. Before it’s too late and mobile-friendly websites become a norm. You should get one for yourself till the competition is low!

Importance of Mobile-Friendly Website for your Business:

SEO Rankings

The Google rankings of your business website can be a decisive aspect of your business. Better SEO rankings is a sure shot gateway to gaining traffics. It’s an all known fact that better is your page’s Google ranking, higher will be the prospects of your business. But having a website which is not so mobile friendly may mar the prospects of the business. Even though your website may conform to all the SEO norms, your rankings could take a blow if your website isn’t mobile friendly. The ranking algorithms of Google and other search engines clearly spell out the need to have mobile-friendly websites.

In case, your business lacks a responsive website, your Google rankings may take a hit. Moreover, the share of mobile users is bound to increase in near future and investing in mobile-friendly websites can draw high ROI in the long run. Moreover, even Google is planning to shift to the indexing model based only on mobile for ranking pages.

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Local SEO

Moreover, the major search engines like Google to have stressed the need to have a mobile-friendly website for businesses. The entire concept of local SEO revolves around a specific locale in which a customer is located. However, it is obvious that the vital inputs such as the location of the customer can be accessed only through the GPS data of the mobile. In case your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, you will not get any benefits of local SEO. This would mean losing a huge number of users in the area. Thus, you must make sure that your business has a mobile-friendly website to boost the traffics. Hence, one must seriously consider investing in mobile web development. They can improve the overall ROI by increasing overall conversion rates of your traffic!

Mobile friendly website

User Experience

The need for providing a smooth user experience is a vital aspect of every successful business. Your website is an online version of your real store and it needs to provide the true picture of your business to the users. A mobile-friendly website can be a great asset. Needless to say, the sites which offer easier navigation and response attract more traffic. A slow website can be a quite frustrating affair for the users. Just imagine visiting a website that takes a lot of time to load on your mobile! Doesn’t the thought itself annoy you? Hence, you must invest in getting a mobile-friendly website for your business that allows the users to navigate smoothly. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites can be advantageous for your business in several other ways as well. Having a slow website is no better than not having a website at all!  

Better Conversion Rates

How many times have you ordered something for yourself online on your laptop? Well, obviously who uses a computer to read content and shop online when they have an option of doing so on mobile? A research suggests that a whopping majority of online orders across the globe are placed through mobile phones! In such a case, it becomes quite important to have a mobile friendly website for the business. Of what use shall be all your effort if your website fails to generate enough traffic? Thus in order to attract traffic, you should ensure that your business has a mobile-friendly website which designed to suit the smaller screens. The greater conversion rates of mobile-based browsers stress the pressing need for mobile-friendly websites. You shall certainly be doing a huge disservice to your business by ignoring the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

Paid Searches

By now we have discussed in a nutshell the various advantages of mobile-friendly websites with respect to the organic traffic that it attracts However, the mobile-friendly websites can help you increase your paid search revenues. Not only does it help you improve the search advertising conversions but also lowers the bounce rates.  In case the search ads of your website direct the users to a non-mobile site, your search ads may get a blow!. Thus it is quite important to have a mobile-friendly website to increase ad-based revenues as well.

Brand Awareness

The mobile-friendly sites have several other virtues as well. You shall be delighted to note that the cost of setting up mobile-friendly sites are lower than that of the traditional websites. Moreover, a mobile-friendly website is helpful in improving brand awareness as well. In case your site performs to the expectations of the client, a degree of trust is established between your brand and the customer. Moreover, a slow website can make all of your efforts futile. Of what use will be the engaging content of your site if it does not reach your target audience itself?

To sum up, one can safely conclude that in today’s era having a slow website can be suicidal for the prospects of one’s business.  A mobile-friendly website is as important as having a website in the first place. With a large number of mobile users and greater conversion rates of mobile browsers, the mobile-friendly websites are set to become a norm in the coming years. Moreover, the mobile-friendly websites can provide impressive ROI in the long run. The need for mobile-friendly websites is set to increase each passing day! A lot of businesses have already started focusing on mobile web development for obvious reasons. Get a responsive mobile-friendly website for your business and give wings to your dreams!

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