Things You Need To Know Even Before You Start A Website

Things You Need To Know Even Before You Start A Website

If you’re about to start the process of planning your website with your Tangerine team, you must know about the different platforms available to build your website. It’s imperative to ask about proprietary systems like Wix and Squarespace and their seemingly simple usability or to mention you like one of their templates offered. While platforms such as these do actually have some positive features, Tangerinebelieves that WordPress is usually the best choice for business decisions.
WordPress is an easy-to-use, open-sourced system that allows for a high level of customization. Here’s why Tangerine highly recommends it for your business.

The challenges of Proprietary Systems that you should be aware of.

Wix and Squarespace has one major drawback and limitation and that is is the lack of customization and closed backend. You may use one template and then find that it has been used by so many other businesses. Closed backend also means that we must work within the narrow scope of what is allowed and your website may lack certain features that you may want to have.
Another serious question to be asked is “what may happen if the platform goes out of business?” The website will be lost forever.
All your hard work and the website could potentially just be lost if the platform is closed. Only salvation in that situation will be that you are given enough notice to export your content to another interface but the chances are greater that you may have to start your website custom built from scratch.

Why should you use WordPress

To begin with, WordPress is the most widely implemented content management system in the world with over 100M installations till date. It means that Tangerine can select the best from thousands of developers to create your website and convert your vision to reality.
Another added bonus is that WordPress is an open-sourced system. “What does it mean for you?”It means that you can never loose any information, even if the developer of your website goes out of business. You can stay safe with the knowledge that your website is safe and running.
Since WordPress is in continuous and nonstop development, it will be around indeterminately. Whopping part of that active development is implementing existing bug fixes and security reinforcements to further prolong the life of your CMS. This means that your investment in creating and marketing content is safe for years to come.
For the fact that WordPress is an open-sourced system, Tangerinecan create any features you may want for your website. This level of flexible customization will ensure that your website is unique with differentiated features in your market.
Finally, WordPress’s CMS is meant to be the easiest to use, which means that you can manage and update the content and run the day-to-day function of your website at a lower cost.
Working with Tangerine Digital means you will always have a team to help you through the process of building a functioning, optimized, and beautiful website and extend support in maintaining and marketing them. While Tangerine manages the infrastructure, WordPress updates, daily backups, and security patches for you, you just need to focus on what you do best, running your business.

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