What will be the future of Online Marketing in next 100 years?

What will Online Marketing be in the next 100 years?

Since its Introduction in late 90’s Online Marketing has seen a highly dramatic growth because of companies like Facebook, google, and Amazon.

online marketing future

The segment has seen a positive growth of more than 200% and it is expected to get even more in the upcoming years. Almost everyone in the industry is now keen to work upon their digital marketing and website optimization.

How is online marketing going to change in 100 years?

Someone has aptly said, “History repeats itself” & it seems like though technology marketing has a huge role to play, the principles of online marketing are still the same. The online marketing future depends on technology as well as the latest marketing strategies. Just check the current trends which will evolve in future :

  1. Personalized marketing – The digital marketing future will depend a lot on personalized marketing. It ensures that the content is relevant and accurate as per the needs. Coca Cola’s “Share the Name” campaign is one such example.
  2. Location-based marketing – This means using our mobile device’s location to alert the device owner about maybe some restaurants or deals or anything nearby. Coca-Cola uses such a strategy
  3. Market Segmentation – This is dividing a market of potential customers into groups subject to taste, preferences, gender, and age.
  4. Intent marketing – It ensures customers get what they intend to, It aims at meeting the customer intent.
  5. Evolving Technology – It has a role to play on which the digital marketing future depends. Human creativity along with technology must club together to change online marketing.

online marketing future

How Online Marketing has evolved since its introduction

Online marketing future is based on the past practices since it’s introduction. In online marketing, content plays an important role and that has not changed over the years. The strategies of the past are still relevant these days. Let’s discuss below :

  1. AIDA – According to Mr. E. St. Elmo Lewis. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action.  It is the primary tactics of traditional marketing.
  2. PASThe digital marketing future is based on the ideas and techniques of the past. It involves informing the user about a particular problem, agitate it by explaining the consequences resulting from that and finally solve it through specific steps. PAS means Problem, Agitate & Solution. 

The digital marketing future will base on the trends and practices used in the past. Besides content; SEO (Basically optimization of the content and eventually the website through critical words), Personalized Marketing, Location-based Marketing, Intent Marketing are trending. Technology has also leveraged in a lot many ways. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube platforms has also played a huge role in that.

Importance of Online Marketing Trends in India

The online marketing future in India looks bright. It is somewhat new but still has caught paces in the last 5-10 years. The online marketing future in India is exciting is because of rapid digitization. Many businesses in India now have an online presence which has also increased the scope of online marketing and digital advertisement. It has increased the use of online marketing in India.

The WARC Survey says 35 % of sponsors would build their mobile advertising spend by half or maybe more in India by 2020. Reports say online marketing future has a good prospect in India. With more innovation, online marketing is expected to develop more in coming years.

Therefore many training institutes have come up with courses on digital marketing to provide training to professionals across the globe. It has a huge opportunity and plethora of jobs in the digital marketing vertical. Social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter has leveraged online marketing here.

Effective changes which can revolutionize the online marketing vertical

The online marketing future is exciting and everlasting. Let’s discuss the useful tools that can revolutionize online marketing below:

  1.    Artificial Intelligence and online marketing :

Technology has a huge role to play in online marketing. AI has started making inroads in digital marketing as well. The online marketing future depends on both human creativity and technology. AI is evolving and will be used more in the future. AI has ensured better ROI, engaging advertisements, easy and smoother search sessions, Error reduction and Personalization.

online marketing future

  1.    Virtual Reality in online marketing :

Virtual Reality is nothing new, but its implementation in online marketing is probably, the online marketing future depends on the usage of VR. Any brand can use VR to market and promote its products. Toms and Excedrin use VR used in a good effect.

online marketing future

  1.  Blockchain in online marketing :

The Blockchain technology is going to define the online marketing future. Because, digital Marketers can provide real and authentic value to their clients using the technology. Blockchain, therefore signifies three things, i.e., transparency, accountability, and brand safety. It will help in eliminating any middleman, establish trust with all Ad Buys, will help target audience and improve transparency.

online marketing future

Thus the online marketing future depends on the collaboration of human creativity along with technology and takes digital marketing to the next level.

Online marketing is evolving by leaps and bounds every day. More ideas and strategies are coming up each day. The digital marketing future will depend on the new creative strategies and ideas along with technology in the coming years. So, technology plays a vital part along with new trends in marketing strategies like Personalization, Intent Marketing, Market Segmentation, and Location-based Marketing.
Online marketing with the effective use of new strategies and technology has already helped businesses to hike their profits. It has consequently enhanced the customer experience.


Therefore, The future of online marketing in India is too bright and exciting. Because Indian youth has taken up a lot of innovative steps which has helped in transforming marketing. With more and more startups whose business model is web-based, improving online marketing standards and it has become a necessity. finally, use of mobile phones and tabs has also helped in making marketing more portable than before. due to which AI, VR, and Blockchain are going to play a significant role in the marketing vertical in the near future.

As a result, it is essential to collaborate these technologies with innovative ideas and strategies which will pave the way for an exciting digital marketing future.

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