Mobile Apps Trends and Why Would You Need Them for Business?

Mobile applications today are the way to go about business. There exists no other manner or method in which you can perform your tasks in a simpler way. Having a designated application for an individual task makes our work organized. Other than the organization, applications perform the assigned work in the most optimum way. Such is the mobile apps’ importance in the business world today. But by having an application for everything, analyzing the mobile apps trends is not a cakewalk for all. This article does just that. It discusses the importance of the mobile app for your business through the recent mobile apps trends

Importance of the Mobile Apps for your Business and Apps Trends


The first app that we want to suggest you is Bouncer. Seeing the mobile apps trends, every user knows that apps require permissions to access your camera, calendar or gallery. Bouncer makes sure that your data, as well as your privacy, get importance. Bouncer allows other apps to use permissions for the time that that app is being used. This helps in protecting the confidential data that your phone might have. 

Mobile apps trends


Asana is the second app that realizes the current mobile app importance. The app integrates all communication apps and the user does not need to open separate apps for sending e-mails, uploading files or sharing notes. Additionally, the app’s home lets the user monitor progress and view the current and leftover tasks at a glance. 

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most unique apps. The app allows its user to send invoices anytime on the go. After going through the current mobile apps trends, it was found to be the only app that has the feature to print checks after collaborating with the user’s PayPal account. You can also link your bank account for using the app’s features. QuickBooks has redefined the mobile apps’ importance by coming up with a first of its kind feature. 


Everyone makes a to-do list but we never follow it. Wunderlist solves this common problem and also comes up with a new way of working. The app is an example of how the mobile apps’ importance is indispensable to our business life. The app helps in creating a to-do list with an unlimited number of tasks. Moreover, you can share these lists with your contacts. All the contacts are then synced and the list updates when any of the team members complete one task. Group working has become easier than ever easy by the app. 


Pocket, as the name suggests is your own collection. The app can store data like articles, news, presentations or other details. The next time you are glancing through data when you are busy and run the risk of never finding that article or blog, just Pocket it. The app allows the user to browse the data you have saved even if you don’t have an internet connection at a given time.


Ever felt like you are investing more time than required on a fairly easy or unimportant task? Toggl helps in keeping track of just that. The app monitors the time you are investing in a specific task. The user in just a single click can access such monitoring. This updates the mobile apps’ trends. Users can also divide the app into groups and among single employees to keep a track of each other’s work and stay organized. 


Not all is happy and smooth on vacations, especially on business trips. Expensify is a new app that makes one rely on mobile apps importance another time, for a different reason. The app keeps a track of all the expenses and receipts on your business trip. You can link your debit or credit card to your personal Expensify account. The expense report will cover all the money that you have spent and listed all the physical receipts once you have clicked pictures of them. In a few minutes, your entire expense report will be before you and you can then analyze your expenses.


Apps today aim at reducing the physical work that needs more labor and uses up more time. KanbanFlow best shows such a recent mobile apps trends. The app is the best resource for managers and Human Resource departments. Users can assign tasks, upload documents and schedule deadlines for employees. The app also keeps a track of the current work status that has been assigned to an individual employee or to a team. They can further divide the tasks into sub-tasks and upon completion, the team and managers get the notification. 

If we talk about mobile app importance, we cannot rule out mentioning CamScanner. The app has gained widespread importance in a fairly small span of time. The app allows users to scan hard copies of documents and scan them into soft copies. Users thus do not need to stand in long lines to get documents scanned and can use the camera of their phones to create their own soft copies of documents that need to be further forward.

Mobile applications are the way to do business in today’s fast-paced world. With every task having a designated app for doing the job. Similarly, when a single app is capable of performing multiple tasks, all the work is going to stay organized and in one single space. This makes work efficient. Today the mobile apps trends show that there can be an app for doing the most complicated task in the most systematic manner and performing boring jobs with effortless ease. The mobile apps importance in doing business and managing it too is reflected by the sheer dexterity with which they accomplish your task. Previously nobody thought that apps could do tasks like recording expenses, assigning tasks, tracking time spent on a task or combining the teams’ work into one single job, all at just a single click. You can experience the ease of doing business after using such apps with the flexibility that they come with. Today, businessmen need to realize the mobile app importance by studying mobile apps trends and seeing that how tasks can be performed quicker and better by using mobile applications. 

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