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Being unique & tasteful is the need of the hour and as a Web Development and Marketing Company we believe only in fresh ideas. We understand that websites are not for vanity metrics only, they have a purpose. From ease of navigation to user friendliness, our customized designs factor in all aspects of a website to give your business a head start.


Existing websites for existing businesses requires upgrades because of the changing technology. If you are a new entrant to the virtual world, you might find it difficult to decide which technology you should invest in for your website. We provide comprehensive website development solutions to businesses across industries based on their needs & objective. We specialize in customized CMS based websites which are scalable, easy to manage & upgrade and SEO friendly.


Tangerine brings a unique perspective on digital and marketing content. We value the brand integrity. Our team of developers and content strategists create unique narrative for every brand that we work with. We are passionate about technology and design and constantly push the envelope to see where it leads us. Our team is in touch with the latest development and constantly reinforce our commitment to state the art of technology.
We specialise in creating custom WordPress themes and enabling front-end ecommerce solutions.


Screen size preferences are rapidly changing and just in a couple of years we have seen tablets and smartphones outnumbering the traditional desktop / laptop screens as a preferred screen to view web content. But as the traditional screens are as much alive, we are in the so called 3 Screen world and need our websites to be compatible with all three of them. The sheer cost of creating and maintaining multiple sites for different screens has led to responsive website designs which is easier to create, maintain and with lower costs.
Being an expert in mobile friendly website development, we design your website keeping a close eye on the current and future trends to ensure your investment in the website bears fruits for a long time to come with minimal additional investment with shifts in technology or trends.


Internet, has revolutionised the way we live today. We can take care of all our chores without leaving the comfort of our homes. This is because we can transact on the virtual world with ease.
A well-designed ecommerce website empowers you to take your products and services to a large number of people and hence gives you a larger turnover with better profit ratio. Being a ecommerce web development company in Gurgaon you can trust us with your website functionality needs.


Digital Advertising is not a passing fad but integral to advertising and marketing strategies of all big and small brands across the world. There is way too much noise out there so it requires lot of expertise and technological knowhow to formulate campaigns that are effective and successful and bring ROI.
We can help you design and execute standard shopping cart, integrate with several payment gateways, automate your workflow.


Online shopping is here to stay. It has rapidly progressed as a way of life. With the invention of speedy Internet connectivity, the online tools has brought about a new commerce revolution that enables online shopping in just few clicks, offering wide range of products from anywhere and at any time.
With our all rounded e-commerce services, we are able to develop cutting edge ecommerce websites design, advancement of large-scale development systems, and promote effective search marketing campaigns to make your brand successful..


‘The future of communication is in your hands. We are talking about your mobile phone. To stay connected with your loyal customers who are interested in your service or product, you need to be in direct touch with your customers and influencers and reach them with your offerings. With a mobile App, for Android as well as iOS, you will never stay out of touch. We are among the leading mobile App development agencies and offer creative designs, unique utilities and features, tested through intensive parameters before deployment. We are equipped to create Apps in Java,C, C++, C# & HTML5 and support operating systems including Android, and iOS.


Technology alone does not make a website successful. The way in which your customers interact with your website is what defines the success. We provide customized User Interface for both – the end users as well as those who manage the website from the backend to ensure that the interface is easy to follow, quick to operate and is result oriented.


User Experience is as important as the technology that is used to design the interface. At Tangerine, we are very mindful of this fact. From our vast experience and user behaviour studies, we know which part of your webpage holds the real estate value and position your key items & menu button at just the right places.
We make a user’s experience on your website a delightful journey that translate into a solid ROI.

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