How to Increase Sales Using Instagram?

How to Increase Sales Using Instagram?

Every day we come across people who ask how to make our Instagram account grow and how to eventually get business using Instagram? Similar questions are being asked by people who have just started using Instagram and also those who have thousands of followers on Instagram.

Here are some ways we recommend to use Instagram for building sales and business:


  • Building Community
    Instagram has to be used in the right way with the goal of building a community of like-minded people. If one has been able to build a community where people support each other’s work then even a smaller number of followers can do wonders. The way to build this community is by being social and doing real conversations with the people in your Instagram circle. Avoid the stereotype online lingo and be authentic with real conversations. Discuss, Share, Congratulate and Support.
  • Use Right Hashtags
    Instagram uses hashtags to identify a particular type of content and one needs to find the right hashtags which will give them the right reach where users can search for your content using those hashtags. Also, you may use these hashtags to find other accounts that you would like to be in conversation with. There are several free and paid tools also available to find the best hashtags in a particular field, a quick google search on app store might also give some good apps to find the right hashtags. Don’t just focus on the most searched hashtags but also the niche one’s that are just apt for your business.

  • Do Not Troll
    If you do not like something or the way in which someone has posted, please do not be abusive, the world is better with one less troll. Be supportive of others work and appreciate the hard work. Every day make a schedule to engage with the community to share some positive words and engage, eventually, this will result in a strong community that may come handy when you decide to monetise certain aspects or bring the traffic to your website or a free session etc.

  • Give Away More
    Give away knowledge, the real knowledge that people appreciate. Make posts that help others in your area and do some free sessions that can help people to build skills. With regular engagement and these sessions, you will get enough opportunities to convert a lot of this traffic to your business.


Remember getting business from Instagram is not a sprint, its a marathon and do not fall in the trap of short cuts to build your followers, make real followers that will help you. Engage for real and make it a part of your everyday task to appreciate and do honest engagements. Thus move from being just a social media scroller to someone who appreciates others and then to one who gives away knowledge that helps others and gradually does engagements by offering free sessions related to your work and eventually that’s how we build a business using Instagram.

Get going and use this strategy for your business and tune it according to your work area. Do Big, Do Great.  

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