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React Native – future of Mobile App development

In the past few decades, many developments have taken place in the field of technology.  But a few sectors have witnessed remarkable growth during this period. Mobile App development industry is one of them.  According to statistics, mobile apps are expected to generate 189.6 billion dollars as global revenue through App stores and in App advertising.  Apps with flaw-less performance seem less navigation and those having some attractive designs are popular among users. The increasing demand for better and more innovative Apps has made the scenario more competitive for developers.  If we compare high performing native Apps with cross-platform Apps we will find that high performing native apps consume more time to develop. In order to adapt to this fast-moving world, mobile App developers must have access to the latest technology and they should keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the market.  React native has emerged as a useful solution to create some useful Apps which has brought some quick changes to the mobile world.

What is React Native? 

React native is the native version of Javascript library which is basically maintained by developers at Facebook and Instagram.  It provides a fast track process to complete any app development. It performs well on any targeted platform and the developers can easily debug it.  By using react native we can build mobile apps which are almost similar to the apps developed through Java and Objective C program. React Native uses the same user interface for building blocks as a regular Android and iOS apps do.  But we need to assemble the building blocks with the help of react native and Javascript. As a result, react-native has become very popular among app developers. It has also gained community support all around the world and it has emerged as the most popular brand in the market within a few years of its introduction.

Why React Native is the future of Mobile App Development:

Reasons for react native to be the future of mobile App development:  Following are the reasons for react native to be the future of the mobile app development:


  1. Cross-platform compatibility:

    Initially, react-native was introduced for the IOS platform.  But due to its amazing capabilities and features, Facebook made it compatible with Android as well.  Now the majority of react native apps work on both platforms. Which means that developers can make apps for both IOS and Android platforms through reacting native at the same time through one codebase.  Moreover, we can fix native code conveniently when required to impart platform-specific authenticity to the app. This will help in reducing the development cost and will save our time to spend on writing two different codes.  There are instances when we need to stick to a particular platform as design requirements are different on IOS and Android. In such cases react provides modules and file extension related to a particular platform. The platform module can detect the operating system compatible with the app and use it to define implementation to different platforms.  React native can fix the correct file based on the operating system on which the app is running.

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  2. Native functionality:

    Mobile app developed using react native functions as good as any other app.  That is the reason it is called to react-native. In terms of usability scroll acceleration, keyboard behavior and animations apps are rated by people on different platforms and the developers can’t ignore these ratings.  The user interface develops with react native contains native widgets that perform without any apps on any platform. They can be used smoothly with the help of react native and Java scripts which outperforms even through real native apps.  Therefore, building apps with react native can prove to be a useful solution for developers to develop a healthy app.

  3. Line updates:

    The most important advantage of using react native is that it provides line updates to the App.  With the extensive Java scripts, the developers have the advantage of pushing the latest updates to the users’ phone instead of sending them through the app store.  As a result of this users can enjoy the updated version of the App immediately and they don’t have to face the problem related to the older version. All in all, react-native makes the entire procedure of making the app organized and simple.

  4. Easy to learn:

    Since react-native relies on language fundamentals it is easy to read and easy to learn.  It is a medium through which we can notice app developers who are new to the field of App designing and Java scripts as it provides components like maps and filters.  

  5. Positive developers experience:

    It provides a great working environment to developers where they have better working experience for those who are just starting their carrier in this field it allows the module filtration to take place when the app is running, eliminating the need to restart the app.  Hot-reloading refreshes the user interface when changes are made to the file, as a result, it simplifies the repetitive process in the cycle while removing boring rebuilding steps. React Native uses flexbox layouts engines to generate app layout for both IOS and Android platforms.  Therefore, we need to learn just one layout the engine to develop App on both platforms and websites. We can also use the chrome developing tool to enable react native with a desktop browser to gain easy access to the debugger and other tools. React native enjoys the great support from the developers and offer many tools which are available for use to make the developing process of the App faster which make the job of the developer much simpler.

  6. It is supported by Facebook and growing technology:

    When we start developing any App on a new coding framework we are more worried about its support system in the future.  We all know that the react-native is managed and supported by the Facebook team of engineers which has the sizeable workforce to develop it.  This team of professional developers is working continuously with Facebook to improve the under developing a framework of react-native. 


From the above discussion, we can conclude that react native is the growing community that offers a great working environment for mobile App development.  It helps developers who want to create the most innovative Apps. Therefore, learning about this technology is a great experience. The popularity of Javascript with react native is breaking all barriers of the distinction between web and mobile App development.

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