Social Media Marketing

Social Media has changed the way marketing across the globe is being done. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and a number of other social media platforms are now generating more ROI for the businesses at a fraction of the marketing and advertising cost.

Working with a number of recognized brands for years now, we have honed our skills to perfection making us an established Social Media Marketing Company . We have structured various social campaigns for big brands like AMPM, Art Karat, Neeralaya, INSIA, Enabling Dimensions. The list is growing, Our clients trust us for our social media expertise. We are the address for developing best marketing campaigns for your social media.


For us, Social Media Optimization, is a science and an art. We are creative and innovative with our content and engaging, informative & useful in making you visible across the digital universe. We understand the algorithms of these platforms and make your engagement and communication stand out.


Analysis is the first stop of the social lane. It is important to understand the dynamics of your industry, efficacy of the various social platforms, strength of the competitors, right target group etc before we even get started. We do all of this before we draft a strategy for you. Success is in details.


All successful social media campaigns are measurable. The difference between the objectives and the visible results tells us the success or failure of the campaign. We crunch the numbers against metrics for measuring all the possible sources to determine our next strategy.


It is important to understand which platform is for you, your product or service. At Tangerine, we believe in deeper understanding of your brand & products and the dynamics of your industry. We use this knowledge to select the channels or platforms for your brand, your story and the approach you should take for your communication strategy.
Our Social Media Advertising Services starts from identifying social channels best suited to your objectives to creating a strategy customized for you & your channels, we do not leave anything to chance & luck.


Social media is the best thing that happened to the brands. It is a powerful tool to reach out to people and have a conversation about brands, products and services. At Tangerine, we understand the latest trends and preferences of the customers and connect with them through great storytelling. We work hard to grow and nurture forums and communities that allow buyers and seller to interact and discuss their online experiences and compare transactional information.


Translating thoughts into words and the creative brief into a creative post is a challenge that we love. Our creative team excels in storytelling. To bring a concept to life, one needs to connect with the brand or the product. We spend more time listening to you rather than playing with our laptops.


Business Intelligence helps us perform better by helping us create effective strategies for the company. Branding has become all the more important. Every company is unique and their strategies need to be as unique to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.


Being a Social Media Advertising company, it’s important to understand the requirements of the customers and getting a way to provide a good service. There is nothing that works better for your company and brand than listening to your customers. The emergence of new technologies and gadgets have empowered customers. It is mandatory to create a system where they are able to voice out their point of view or concerns


Every brand has a unique personality. With our expert Communication Specialists, we align with your brand like our own. We work closely with you to create a unique language, tone and image across all available channels to ensure your brand’s unique personality.


Evolution of internet and online media has brought unprecedented revolution in the world. It has become easier to target and reach people from anywhere and anytime. It has become very important that we are able to engage with our customers and turn them into a loyal brand customer.


Social media can make or break brands within hours. We empower you to control your social presence, use it to your advantage, and effectively promote a positive impact. It is important to connect and engage with your target audience, irrespective of product or service one offers. We believe in converting your fans into your brand ambassadors to make your business grow from virtual word of mouth publicity.

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